Hello, I'm Leandro. I'm a Project Manager.

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I Manage Projects to Help You Deliver Value

Skilled and dedicated Project Management Professional (PMP) committed to public service and private sector with 15 years of experience providing application development, systems optimization, project management, project compliance, agile approach, while wielding positions of high responsibility in both corporate and government environments.

Specialties: Innovation Management, Project Management, PMO, Agile, Scrum, Functional Analysis, Team Leader.

Fields: Business Intelligence, Banks, Government, e-commerce, cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Innovation Manager

Project Manager responsible of requirements engineering, analysis, scope management, schedule management, resources management and project planning. Process improvement, encouraging best practices of the organization. Successful implementation and support of critical projects.

Digital Forensic Investigator

I work as a Digital Forensic Investigator at Justice Department in Argentina. I carry out skills on PCs, servers, mobile devices and video in order to authenticate sending and receiving emails and other digital contents in order to collaborate with the judge for the resolution of the cases. I offer services and courses as an independent expert.

Blockchain Evangelist

No new technology grows without education and evangelism. I am a recognized professor in the blockchain industry. I am convinced of the power and potential of  blockchain technology and I am willing to spend time to disseminate their knowledge and belief in the innovation.

Marcelo Cerfoglio

Gerente de Sistemas en UOMA y OSPIM

“Leandro has worked with responsibility and has been very easily integrated into the work group while working at IT Resources developing analysis and programming tasks for OSPIM.”



Education & Certifications

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Judith M Carbonell Alfonso

NSP Software Developer at Nokia

“Leandro Ulises Sacco was in my classroom during the Computer Engineering degree, he is a very diligent student. Despite being a foreign student, he was able to blend very well with the group, helping to study and communicating his experiences in an interesting cultural and professional exchange. I had the opportunity to coincide with him in several Elective Topics, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, having the best participation with a collaborative, investigative spirit and scientific curiosity. We participated together in the Student Scientific Day presenting a comparative work of the Data Mining tools Weka and R. Leandro Ulises Sacco was a good fellow student, who knows how to work in a team, and at the same time is independent. In my opinion he is a very good professional”.